Diy Haunted House Using Cardboard

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Diy Haunted House Using Cardboard. Start by cutting out the pieces from the template. The large pieces called “base front” and “base back” are each split onto two pieces of paper.

DIY Witch House Using Cardboard Casas de cartón, Drag
DIY Witch House Using Cardboard Casas de cartón, Drag from

This piece of made of cardboard and is covered with chalkboard paint, which allows chalking on it to anyone who wants that. Use the piece of cardboard you cut off to create the roof. Diy cardboard box haunted house.

Once the paint is completely dried, start assembling the house together.

To give the house a haunted effect, you will need black or grey sheets as well. Diy haunted house using cardboard how to make a cardboard haunted house i show you how i made a hanuted house using cardboard supplies for a cardboard haunted house 01:13full video : Draw windows and a door on each house and cut those out using a craft knife. This haunted house idea is perfect if you want to make a big impact on a very small budget.